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Profit Margin and Price Markup Calculation and Formulas [Excel]

You want to calculate Profit Margin or Price Markup? Fair Game.

I’ve put the explanations and an Excel template in the post. It’s detailed but you need to be able to read mathematical notation and have some understanding of business terms.

I’ll try and explain some of the concepts and cover Selling Price, Mark-up┬áPercentage, Gross Margin Percentage, and Selling Price Margin which are the sales formulas for businesses.

I might go into the net, gross, and cost of goods. As we go along we’ll make mention of┬áprice-points and other marketing terminology.

This isn’t the only Business Ratio out there, for the full bang check out the book

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Product Life-cycle

I was asked during an interview at South Africa’s biggest mobile Telecom companies years back about the . The interview had been going extremely well at that point and one of the line managers asked whether I had an understanding of “the product life-cycle” and I blanked out. To this day thinking back I kick myself because I studied the product life-cycle and I was a product manager and ate, slept and dreamt this stuff. So on that topic I am going to put it down for the world so that you hopefully don’t blank out when you get asked this question, ever.

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