AppleOne The Match in the Powder Barrel Bundling meh services don’t make them useful or worthwhile

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There are 2 Trillion reasons how uninspired services and products don’t make MEH services useful. I’m going to list just a few of those reasons why AppleOne is a really bad idea.

The only service you really want in AppleOne is iCloud. The rest nobody cares about. iCloud is important for backup and restore of your entire device, contacts and the core operations of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.

So, let’s talk about where Apple Applications are being beaten black and blue, and I’m okay with paying more with their competitors in total, than being forced to pay then a bundled price.

Apple Music

Spotify, Google Music (YouTube Music or Red or whatever they call it this week) and Apple Music offer the same thing. As much music as you can listen to. The difference is in the details between the two.

When comparing the price of the services they are chalk and cheese. With Spotify Family membership going for $17.99 AUD and iTunes for $ 14.99 AUD and YouTube Red for $22.99 AUD.

The problem with Apple iTunes is that regardless of whether you use the app on Windows or Mac, it’s like pulling teeth. You can’t search the millions and millions of songs in their catalogue, or find them to listen to them. The Apple smart playlists are really terrible and I mean honestly horrendously terrible. The straw that broke the camels back with Apple Music is that it just loses the music downloads and randomly needs to re-download them.

The YouTube Red experience is a mixed bag, first off don’t get the Family plan if anyone in the household has a G SUITE account. The Google machine says no. It’s a well-known issue with.

It is at this time that the only quote left is a Little Britain where Google tells you how you can and cannot use your account that you pay them for every month.

We will loop around to YouTube Red when we talk Television and YouTube supporting stars like Jake Paul. The same Jake Paul who filmed a suicide victim online, with the paper-thin line in excuse ‘I didn’t do it for views. I get views’. humility seeping from every pore.

The Spotify experience is something different though, it’s not without its faults and there are issues. But when you create playlists and songs on Windows or Mac they transfer seamlessly to the Mobile. The Spotify curated playlists are actually good, fairly smart and regular. When I download music and get on an aeroplane for 12 hours and want to listen to music while I work or read, THE MUSIC hasn’t magically disappeared. Unlike Google Music and Apple iTunes where I’m left with an APP with no content.

Apple TV

I’m going to start with commentary around Television in general. Its become rather insane how fragmented the streaming economy has become AGAIN. This is after it was insane how cable / sateliate television was milking consumers and becoming billionares out of their monopolies.

If we look back in time it started with Murdoch Foxtel cable television at $100 for the Premium package. It had all the ads and repeats but it was the best money and technology could buy.

In 2005 YouTube launched followed shortly by Dailymotion, then Crunchyroll in 2006. This was followed up Twitch (then called It’s as far back as 2006 that Amazon and Google entered into the Video business with Amazon launching Amazon Video-on-demand, and where Google acquired Youtube.

In 2007 Netflix launched, and not to discount the power of the XXX-rated industry PornHub. In 2009 Hulu launched. In 2020 Disney plus launched. Then there is streaming services that treat digital content like Compact Discs and aren’t available in Australia like HBO Max, Sling TV, and Fubo TV.

If you started with a 4K plan on Netflix at $19.99 a month and it blew out Amazon $6.99 a month, Hulu, Disney + and ESPN $12.99 a month, then adding local Kayo for $35 a month.

This is why Apple wanting to bundle their television into a larger bundle is both, smart and a little too late. Disruption of the Cable / Satelite television market didn’t replace Cable Television, just divided up the market share and diluted it so much to the point that it is a death by a thousand cuts from multiple different companies but the ultimate $100 a month is the same.

This is where we start talking about Logan Paul, if the only reason for YouTube Red was I could get the scintillating The Thinning or The Thinning: New World Order! I’d have to say HARD PASS thanks. If YouTube is a staple in your household, RED is an advertising / commercial skipper. That is as much of the Premium content as is worth it. I’m maybe a bit harsh, the only one that’s worth it is A.I. with Robert Downey J.R. as host.

When we go to Apple Streaming I’m by no way saying that their exclusive content is bad, I quite enjoyed SEE with Jason Mamoa, it wasn’t amazing as stories go but it was engaging and good fantasy.

For all mankind was similarly engaging and excellent. They successfully created that 1969 feel with the tension between men and woman culturally. The what-if scenario was well played out. It’s a good premise and I quite enjoyed it.

Little America showcases diversity and celebrates adversity and their individual success stories. As an immigrant myself, making a new place home and becoming one and part of a new place isn’t easy and it connected with me. I’m not American but the stories all resonated. Each person struggling to make their new home their own and finding their place in their chosen home.

The Banker is a great business story. It follows Joe as he builds an empire during oppression where he finds ways to do business using window dressing and other means to get things done. I’d recommend it to anyone. My takeaway from the story is irrespective of who you are, what setbacks you are facing, the playing field is going to be stacked against you in some way. Some more than others. Using everything you have at your disposal is how you can seize the available opportunity.

Another Apple Exclusive is Greyhound, a very complex movie about a single crossing during the Battle of the Atlantic based on 1955 novel The Good Shepherd by C. S. Forester. It’s well-acted by Tom Hanks.

Apple Arcade

The fact that I had to Google what Apple arcade is used for should tell you that I never use it. You get access to 100+ games which doesn’t means you get access to the 10000+ games available just the ones that have joined into the Apple Arcade program. Hard pass thanks.

Apple News

Who still uses this? I turned this off so long ago when the popups annoyed me that I honestly can’t remember. There are so many other alternatives out there that actually serve up personalised content which deserve my time and attention.

Flipboard allows you to curate your news, has a desktop view, and a really excellent mobile app. It integrated your Social feeds and other sources then offers up those sources mixed into a For You feed.

Why would a generic feed from Apple be better or more suited than this?

If you want to go even more comprehensive then you go Feedly for those who remember Google Reader the source that drove more traffic than Google+? Yeah that RSS thing that still drives like 10% of large websites traffic? Feedly is awesome, its content the way you can consume it on the web and via an APP without forcing you into ANOTHER app or platform.

Again, why would a generic feed from Apple be better than curated content I handpicked and signed up for?

Apple Fitness+

It’s basically Peloton with an Apple spin at $15 a month where Apple offers content and I bring the bike, treadmill or yoga pants. I’m not saying that this is a terrible idea. It might save me the blood money I spend on the Gym.

However, as a technology and consumer electronics company do I want this from Apple? Training is a hands-on thing and Apple are notoriously bad at customer service and doing the right thing by customers. Apple generally wants you to buy a new one instead of fix and repair.

Maybe they should take their 2 Trillion Dollars and not get involved in areas where people can get heart attacks or injuries because an Apple trainer pushed them too hard.


This is a service I actually use. we all understand what this one does and is for. It stores your contacts, messages, backups and other information in the cloud so that when you get a new iDevice you can just put in your details and like Cloud Magic the new device has all the same information and details.

The Conclusion

I’m waiting for the new Pixel. It’s time to vote with my money on another vendor. I’m a massive fan of Apple Mobile hardware and their IOS has worked well for a number of years. Apple as an organisation is the Microsoft of the 90s having lost the plot around services and what value is.

This offering isn’t value, and a new sensor in a watch doesn’t make a $600 purchase justification. Apple Do Better.

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