The song I’m hooked on at the moment Sometimes you come across a song that speaks to you and you listen. Again and Again and Again.

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We are born into the families we get. Whether the individual members that make up that family are able to provide a loving, caring supportive atmosphere more often than not isn’t a reality. Some are lucky and they have a fairytale story with moms and dads, siblings, and extended family that magically all got along and supported each other. Most don’t. This song from Sufjan Stevens luls you into a false sense of security but talks about his Mom abandoning the kids at a Video store when they were three or four years old.

We all have stories and scars, and it has a resigned and matter-of-factness to it. It happened and it’s history. There is a silver lining where the new generation comes along with his brother has a daughter, and Sufjan marks the joy that she brings.

There is so much about this song that I like, and dislike at the same time. Not the song itself though.