Sleep on the Floor, Angela, Cleopatra, Ophelia. A life story told in Tetralogy

Not a new song, but still touching and emotional. This music from the Lumineers is one of the reasons I respect them for their ability to convey messaging in their music.

Greatest Songs of All Time What makes music great? What makes a song repeatable?

What is greatness in songs? There are a quantitative measure of hundreds of thousands of paid and free streams, sales, radio airplay and votes. These combine the qualitative data of how the songs make people feel, connect with the music and lyrics. Neither can account for your personal taste and connections though. You either like a piece of music and connect with it or you don’t.

Covers that rival the Original Sometimes the another artist can cover it better.

There are some amazing examples where cover artists performed and interpreted songs better than their original artists. Some of the songs on the list you’d be surprised are on here in the first place.

The song I’m hooked on at the moment Sometimes you come across a song that speaks to you and you listen. Again and Again and Again.

Sufjan Stevens, “Should Have Known Better” is on my repeat list at the moment for some reason. I don’t know why, its just speaking to me.