AppleOne The Match in the Powder Barrel Bundling meh services don’t make them useful or worthwhile

AppleOne Commentary and how its really not worth it anymore. The value doesn’t exist and there needs to be a shakeup and Apple.

Pixel 5(G) is Coming The New Pixel is being announced soon and I’m hoping it’s going to be awesome.

With the iPhone delayed and expectations being not that optimistic on the Apple front, I’ve got high hopes for the Google Pixel 5. Please let it be a good year for Pixel!

That on again off again Apple and Google Relationship Yay! We get to use the Google Maps on Apple Watch again! For How Long? Who knows?

The on and off relationship between Apple and Google are like teenagers. They end up explosively breaking up eventually and hurting everyone to prove a point and then making up after a while. Let’s hope this lasts.

Google Search Hacks Google Shortcuts and Search Hacks for the People

The goal of search is to find exactly what you are looking for, without the sidetrack of clicking through garbage sites that aren’t what you are looking for. I’ve collated the list of Google Hacks and tricks that I use, used and find useful.